Thursday, April 30, 2009

my surprsing moment

What is the most surprising thing happened to me? I was not good at driving a car.
Actually, I had made 5times of small accidents by my mistake. I am so a carelessness person.
When I worked in private English school, there are many co- workers who are older than me.
My job usually made me so stressful due to miscommunication with them. One day, I was so angry. And then, I couldn’t stay in my working place. I would escape that place directly so I drove my car fast.
Our building had the parking lot that moved like elevator. Elevator parking system is dangerous because we could not aware of a barrier sometimes. So, people who were working in that place complained about changing system. Therefore, the accident in elevator is kind of a regular process in that building to us. That day, I got an accident with a little old guy who looked like a criminal. Unfortunately, that accident is my fault ,too. I knew my fault and I was so afraid to get out of my car that time. Furthermore, he looked like jumping from his car with gripping his neck. In Korea, women drivers are suffering from men drivers about our awful driving skills without convincible reasons. He seemed like so happy to get this accident. After my boy friend went there for helping me, I couldn’t get out my car. I was so shoceked due to extrme noise of accident. This memory is my best surprising and threatening moment of mine.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I am not a person who enjoy eating unfamiliar food because I hate uncomfortable feeling.

Well, I know that I have to change for my life to be better.

even more, I meet same friends who know me so a lot, same places where I know well, and same food which I used to eat.

Sometimes, I desire to be changed for trying new things; however, I don't do that.

When I was young, I really hate to eat shu-shi.

Anyway, shu-shi is my favorite and essential food in my life now.

It was so stupid choice but I couldn't imagine to eat raw food.

Even though my father was a sailor who used to eat fish food, I always said, "NO!" when he asked to go out for dinner.

Because I knew that he might take us to go fish restaurant, I was so stubborn.

When my family went to sea food restaurant for celebrating my father's vacation, I ordered Gal-bi, Korean traditional meat food, from another restaurant.

My parents made me trying to eat shu-shi but I threw up shu-shi.

I am getting to be sorry to my parents again. J

Most of Korean women, including my mother and my girl friends, likes food of chicken foot because this food is good for women's healthy.

Usually, Koreans eat this food with Korean traditional alcohols; however, I am still hate so much.

When my mother cooked this food in my home, I was so young.

I was so shocked first because I thought wrongly chicken foot as fingers of babies.

Moreover, I thought so seriously my mother is witch.

Well, maybe I was so fascinated to read the Hansel and Gretel. J

I want to go back Korea for eating this food even if I could not eat this food.

It is so amazing because this life in Carbondale makes me missing my dislike food.

Monday, April 13, 2009

after my death

I got memory of night of a day and it was so scared to me.
that night, I wasn't sleep well.
I had thought about my death seriously when I was an elementary student.
in that day, I couldn't stop crying due to afraid of my death.
I worried about my friends and family.
well,thinking of the death made me so matual and sorrowful.
after that day, I have never thought about the death.
If I would be remembered, I want to be a beautiful person in their memory.
It doesn't mean about physical beauty for looking like attractive person.
sometime, the death is closed to people without amy warnning.
therfore, most of people are afraid even imagine of their death.
actually, I have never through the death of people who are closed to me.
so, I cannot imagine about this event.
a farther of my friend died when my friend became 24years old.
he died surprisingly and my friends and I couldn't say anything to her.
it was so shocked to me.
I just want to be a person who can prepare the last moment of my life.
I want to die beside of my people.
in korea, we are always talking about the last moment of person's life.

Monday, April 6, 2009

streotype of koreans

in the korean culture as same as others people have a lot of streotypes.
Koreans have bad reputation for eating dogs. however, it is not for all korean some koreans dislike to eat dogs. therfore, these dos are rasied for to be food without attention of people. in the past, koreans couldn't image about keep a dog indoor.
a dog was not a pet to koreans because we regarded as domestic animal.
right now, thinking of koreans , including me, to dog is chaged a lot. a dog is one of family member. futhermore, I have never eaten do food even these smell.
old koreans were used to eat dog food for their health not for appetite. so, some parents chit their chilren in to eating dog food as medicines for their healthy.
as we know, childrens were used to sick from disease.
some of my friends should to be eaten dog foods. after knowing about ture of medicine, dogs food, they have also never tried to eat dog food again.
one of celebrity from france balmed koreans eating habaits and stigmatized our coustomes as barbarous.
that gave huge effects on our community because we are not.
last term in eap2, my core teacher introduced warm food to us.
she explained eating warm, asians eat warms, will be alternative food in our future.
I was so shocked when I saw it but my thinking is not appopriate.
I reminded some people might thisnk that eating dog food is also not appropriate.
so, I decided to eat warm food for getting extra credits and for understanding another culture. :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Korea's flag was designed in 1882 in order to celebrate our nationality.
Korea's history is based on the Josun dynasty.
in the past, the Josun was not strong and so was close to other counties.
there are China and Japan had attacked to make us their colony.
Based on the pure white of the national flag and luminosity tteuthamyeo Hundred.
it means traditionally a peace loving.
The Koreans to express and ethnicity.
portion below and a red portion above.
there represents the dual cosmic forces of yin (blue) and yang (red).
It symbolizes universal harmony.Traditionally seen the light of our country and nation sungsang indicates.
it is the feminine and the masculine, form the whole.
The four trigrams of Geon, Gon, Gam,and Li, which surround the yin-yang circle.
this is denoted the process of yin and yang going through a series of
changes and growth. Our relationship is facing the idea of equality will tell us.
each side of one evenly divided bar in the lower left-hand corner, denotes"fire".

collectively, the yin-yang circle and the four trigrams represent universal harmony and unity.
Taegeukgi embodies the ideals of all Koreans.
we have pursued creativity and prosperity under universal principles and truth.

Therefore, Koreans are dedicated to working harmoniously to carry out the nation's tasks of unifying.
people and contributing toward world is peace and prosperity.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

the best memory in CESL

I have almost studied 10 months in CESL.
I think that I have lots of good memories in CESL during 10 months.
It is that the best memory in CESL is when I studied in AE 2.
Fist time, I was so shy to talk with friends who are from other countries.
Even though they were tried talking to me, I could not say a lot.
Specially, Asian students are recommended about participation in classroom.
When Korean students listen the lecture, we used to quite in classroom.
When I was studying in AE 2, my core teacher was Collin.
I liked his teaching style so that time is my good memory in CESL.
He had usually talked fast so I would especially pay attention more his class than any classes.
I had always sat in front chair and had focused his explanations.
Therefore, he pushed me to say with praise in classroom.
Before I had not talked in classroom much, I was little nervous when he asked me some questions.
However, my strain was almost disappeared more and more.
Our classmates were surprised about my active attitude.
I was so enjoy participating in classroom.
After then, I got many international friends because I have tied opening my mind.
I have met many nice teachers and friends.
If I did not come in here, I would not meet them.’
Sometimes I will miss this time if I can pass EAP 2 this time because it will be the last time in CESL.

Monday, February 23, 2009


In Korea, we have a special important day in a year for students who are in the last year of high school.
Korean students have studied for that day like as the study machine.
Obviously, most Koreans point out that is a problem in Korea public education but it is still existed.
Especially, in that day, we can see the unbelievable views.
Companies, public service, and stores are opened late for students because they should not be late on test time.
Therefore, policemen are waiting and watching students who might be late for taking them to place of the test.
In that day, we can watch the news about this test through television in a whole day.
Usually, this test is taking from at 9am to 5pm and parents, friends, and other family are waiting students with concern and anxiety.
Just a day, students should show up their whole knowledge for getting high scores in order to enter the university.
This tragic is the process that students cannot avoid in Korea.
I took this test before 7years ago and I could not forget how much I was nervous.
The memory of this day is the worst moment in my life.
That time, I could not match the right answer in the answer sheet due to nervous.
Even though I changed the answer sheet almost five times, I should not be done to finish the answer sheet perfectly.
I have regretted about this stupid mistake since a day.
I should not be sad front of my family because they might be disappointed to me.
However, I could not stop my crying after a test because I was so desperate myself.
My parents asked me to take a test again after a year.
However, I said, “ I want to get second chance but I cannot. I had worked a lot so I cannot do this again.”
I am still against this policy in Korea because students cannot be judged with test score.