Thursday, April 30, 2009

my surprsing moment

What is the most surprising thing happened to me? I was not good at driving a car.
Actually, I had made 5times of small accidents by my mistake. I am so a carelessness person.
When I worked in private English school, there are many co- workers who are older than me.
My job usually made me so stressful due to miscommunication with them. One day, I was so angry. And then, I couldn’t stay in my working place. I would escape that place directly so I drove my car fast.
Our building had the parking lot that moved like elevator. Elevator parking system is dangerous because we could not aware of a barrier sometimes. So, people who were working in that place complained about changing system. Therefore, the accident in elevator is kind of a regular process in that building to us. That day, I got an accident with a little old guy who looked like a criminal. Unfortunately, that accident is my fault ,too. I knew my fault and I was so afraid to get out of my car that time. Furthermore, he looked like jumping from his car with gripping his neck. In Korea, women drivers are suffering from men drivers about our awful driving skills without convincible reasons. He seemed like so happy to get this accident. After my boy friend went there for helping me, I couldn’t get out my car. I was so shoceked due to extrme noise of accident. This memory is my best surprising and threatening moment of mine.

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